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Daan Utsav 2020

The year of 2020 has come with full of surprises for everyone. So much happened this year within such short span of time. The spread of novel corona virus being the greatest pandemic has shaken every corner of the earth. Most of us are still adjusting to the new changes that have come, many people are out there still fighting for survival. This year, we made a conscious effort to be forever grateful to the unsung heroes of this battle. We believe that kindness is the key to everything.

Daan Utsav is a beautiful festival which takes place every year throughout India from 2nd October to 8th October. It celebrates the act of giving and the joy that comes with it. It is celebrated pan India by different organizations or volunteers. We at Treasures of Innocence are very lucky to be able to take part in this beautiful festival of giving. We are working with Ward 110, which consists of five slum areas namely – Briji 1, Briji 2, Khudiram, Gazipukur and Srirampur. In total, we are working with some children.


The year 2020 has been particularly tough for each and every one. The Corona pandemic is in full swing all over the world and doctors and frontline workers have been serving day and night to protect us from the virus. With the continuous and rapid increase in cases, the doctors and frontline workers are working tirelessly without thinking about their own life. They are putting their own life in danger to protect our lives. In truest sense, they have become our heroes. So this year, our children decided to show them gratitude and thank them for their service. Children would hand them with gratitude cards and thank them for their immense contribution the society and bringing light in these dark times.
Elders are the backbone of the society. All of us are grateful to our grandparents and elderly members of our family for teaching us precious values and instilling those within us. They are the pillars of our family and the society. More often than not, we fail to show our love and gratefulness to them. So this year, we thought of this other initiative were the children would show how grateful they are to their grandparents. They would say words of appreciation and kindness and show how thankful they are to have them in their life. They would also give them gratitude badges as token of love, kindness and gratitude. This is a very special and kind initiative taken because not only will the children get the chance to be grateful to their own grandparents but also to other elderly members of the society.


Cleanliness has become the utmost need of the hour. It is very important to understand the need of keeping our society clean and raising awareness. This year, we are also going to raise awareness among children and their families on the importance of keeping their neighborhood and area clean. Living in a clean environment and its benefits.
We are also going to distribute face masks, soaps and food packets to the children. Face mask is one of the essential items in today’s date. Many a times, Underprivileged families cannot afford to buy face masks and other products used for sanitization. They have to depend on throw away which are very harmful. So we are going to distribute these things among the children and their families so it can help them live a better life.

We will start our program on the 2nd of October, 10:00 am. Guided by our mentors, children have been preparing acts which includes music and dance. They have also prepared gratitude cards and badges which they will distribute among the frontline workers of the society and elderly members of their family and of the society. Distribution of food packets among the children is also an important part of our program. We wish to end our program on an inspirational note, which will fill us with gratitude, kindness and compassion. Our COVID Baal Yoddha have been preparing themselves to spread happiness and kindness among the community.

Our program will start on 2nd of October. This is a full two days affair where we will celebrate the spirit of gratitude and kindness. Our goal is to spread kindness through our actions till it becomes contagious. We aim to shower goodwill and appreciation among ourselves and our loved ones.


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