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The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in schools have been subsumed in the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) to provide opportunities to secondary stage students to mainly build their capacity on Information Technology skills and make them learn through computer aided learning process. The scheme is a major catalyst to bridge the digital divide amongst students of various socio economic and other geographical barriers.


We always follow the motto “Equal Opportunity for All Children” irrespective of gender, sex, caste, religion, social standing.  Children from all walks of life deserve the right to a proper education and that includes all the tools of the trade that will make them equipped for the world.


Inspired by the ‘National Digital Literacy Mission’ (NDLM), making one person in every family digitally literate we started our initiative of e-Drishtikone for the children. It’s an initiative of changing the mind-set of the children from difficult backgrounds towards e-education.


Modern society and modern world have become inconceivable without information technology. The lack of basic computer skills reduces the chance of successful socialisation, finding a good job, and being able to find vital information for own development. In this electronic era of emails, Google, facebook and whatsapp not only do we educate our students about the basics of computer learning, but also the digital security and safety nets. Along with verbal, written and communication skill education at our Learning Center we train underprivileged children to learn computer literacy skills in order to appreciate the power of Digital age.


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