What Joy What Joy!!! The official launch of e-Drishtikone by Treasures of Innocence was a roaring success. Thanks to all of you for your tremendous support from near and far, be it day or night. Our beloved students burst into the world of Digital Literacy with their heads held high and their confidence soaring.
Our day started by welcoming our beloved students and our fantastic guests. After the ceremonial lighting of the lamp to start our journey, we jumped right into the wonderful world of computers. Oh! You should have seen the utter astonishment in the faces of the children, when they saw how the book that they have written and illustrated came to life in front of their eyes. They couldn’t believe it. With our amazing mentors Devashish Sir and Suvendu Sir inspiring our children to reach for the stars, our children were fired up. The story of Magic box left them speechless and awestruck.
The wonderful organisation “Amar Durga” presented our children with awesome goodies and delicious cake. And then came the testing portion of our evening. Us mentors were astounded by how much our children already knew or could guess. We conducted theory exam as well as practical exam to determine the knowledge level of our children. We were so proud. We concluded the first class of e-Drishtikone with our National Anthem and BIG smiles.
“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong

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