My Joyful Journey with Treasures of Innocence



I came across “Treasures of Innocence” from a senior of mine. After I came to meet Miss Rani Bhowani the founder of this institution I was overwhelmed by her ideas and thoughts. For me this was a new opening in my life, a total new world that was unknown to me. Working to improve the educational system of the deprived or the needy children was a path less travelled by me. But Treasures of Innocence gave me that platform to reflect on my innerself, to teach the underprivileged children and it surely gave me immense pleasure.


Here at Treasures of Innocence not only did I make some new friends but also learnt to work as a team. We used to meet and discuss what to teach at a particular School, make agendas, prepare presentations and along with it have fun doing it.




Moreover, the actual pleasure I derived was from visiting the orphanages/schools where I could interact with these underprivileged kids and bring joy in their lives. For those two to three hours I felt a new human being. Those happy faces, those innocent eyes and those childish gestures will always be etched in my memory.




At Save the Children home, Thakurpukur, the girls were so co-operative and enthusiastic. What evoked my senses was when the girls started hugging and cuddling me while I was returning. Same was the story of all the other schools I visited. The liveliness and the carefree nature of the children brought a sense of responsibility within me. You have to do something for them and the least little could be was nurturing them with education.




Well I won`t say it was an easy task. It took patience, understanding and a lot of hard work to teach such small children. But I tried to work assiduously to achieve this arduous task and hopefully have achieved it. Apart from this at Treasures of Innocence you also learn to interact with people and learn from their views. It was the annual programme ‘Catch them Young’ for which I got to meet a lot of new individuals and work with them. During Diwali the entire team of TOI joined hands to make the ‘Deeyas’ and I must admit they looked astonishing. It was a benevolent experience and it brought out the child in me, where your painting skills are brushed. For the annual programme, training the small boys for a video clip was a mesmerizing experience.


Next was putting up a stall at Apeejay House, where we were showcasing handmade deeyas and gifts for Diwali. Convincing the Officials and the employees of Apeejay House was another challenging aspect which I faced in the Treasures of Innocence.


Above all the sense of satisfaction and responsibility you get from working with Treasures of Innocence is unmatched. Overall, it was a learning experience that opened a new direction in my life.

Whatever I have learnt from here will always be cherished and in years to come I hope to co-operate with and contribute more to this Institution and make it a successful one.




Lastly, seeing the enthusiasm and workaholic nature of Dadu gives us a new strength to strive more and fills us with a sense of positivity.


Bidisha Basu / Research Scholar at IIT Bombay

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