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I met Rani Ma’am on a rainy evening in 2016, but I was not sure about how to engage with Treasures of Innocence with my limited skill. Then on 14th January 2017, I was invited to the “Catch Them YOUNG- Mega Event,” 2016-17 at Ahindra Mancha. I became spellbound after watching such wonderful performances of students from challenging background. Then I decided to join ToI to do something for those children during my leisure time.

In the beginning, I went to few schools with other members, participated in an exhibition. I saw Rani Ma’am very closely at that time. Her affection and encouragement inspire me to learn various works. She can change the word “IMPOSSIBLE” to the word “I’M POSSIBLE.” I have learned from her that I should not give up for anything without trying. Even none is ready for a particular work I should do it myself. With tremendous willpower I can change my destiny – everything I can choose, I decide, I can do it.

Generally, we try to remain in our comfort zone even in a problematic situation without searching Google for that though we know there will be some solutions for any problem. We hardly realize that everyone has some hidden potentialities and qualities to win any situation.

There is someone for everybody to encourage them to energize their lives. In my life, Rani Ma’am or Treasures of Innocence is that inspiration and my mentor as well. I became enriched day by day, by handling many situations. I have learned how to complete work before the deadline, how to record own activities, how to talk to an unknown person about the organization. I have learned a few marketing strategies also. Moreover, I have learned that I should complete the half done work of others instead of blaming them. I never get such confidence to write long articles and skits on different topics until I involved with Treasures of Innocence.

“You can do it” – Resonance of this phrase makes me self-confident to some extent. I make mistakes several times and being scolded by her but at the end, I become enriched gradually. I am very grateful to you. I’m influenced by you Rani di …your spirit is getting induced in me.


– Debanjana Roy

Team Member / Treasures of Innocence

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