It has been quite a while that I am involved in voluntary activities with underprivileged children here in Mexico. But getting such a scope in your own country means something rewarding to one’s heart and soul.

This summer we were traveling to Kolkata, so thought it was a good opportunity to get acquainted with the methodologies there and learning in a different environment. Moreover, for my son, it would be a cross-cultural experience. My sincere thanks to Rani for giving us this opportunity.



Along with ToI we visited four schools in both north and south Kolkata. These schools mainly have slum and street children (girls) as their students. Some are boarders and others, day scholars.



That which has attracted me the most is the program design by ToI (especially Rani). The program is extensive but very compact. It covers a wide variety, from health and hygiene to adolescence problems and control, women empowerment that includes developing consensus against child marriage, the importance of girl child in our society and need for their financial independence. The beauty of the programme lies in the way these messages are being spread. ToI educates beautifully through skits, extempore, videos, games, activities so as to make the sessions more interactive.


Side by side competitions are floated for assessment and hence enhancement of academic abilities and intrinsic talents. Prizes comprise of items catering to basic needs, for example, toothpaste, soap, sanitary napkins and so on.



To conclude it would be an injustice if I do not say that ToI is really a breakthrough from the traditional old-school methods of imparting knowledge to those hapless cross-sections of the society and their overall development who otherwise could never have afforded this type of modern form of interactive learning adhering to international standards. My personal appeal to all those who had the scope to get associated with ToI and those who intend to be in near future is to generate funds for ToI, which may be the personal contribution and raising funds within your own community to keep this noble service going. In doing so many of us would at least directly or indirectly contribute towards upliftment of our society.  And what else can be better than serving our own people, because serving mankind is serving God.


Thanks, Treasures of Innocence.

Sarbari Basu, Mexico

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