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In November 2017 I came across Mrs. Debanjana Roy during my stay in Switzerland and came to know about Treasures of Innocence. Initially I did not pay much attention to it but as I spoke more and more with Debanjana I came closer to the organisation and was gradually overwhelmed by the hard work done by the members. It’s a very satisfying feeling when you can do something worthwhile for these underprivileged children. I would like to salute Rani Bhowani madam and her team (all the members / volunteers) for doing such noble work. In today’s generation when humanity has gone for a loss, there are people like Rani di who sacrificed her life for the sake of these underprivileged children. Though I have not met many of the members of Treasures of Innocence, but I am sure they all have the same spirit of sacrifice in their hearts.

In Treasures of Innocence, members work together for a common cause — they motivate these first- generation learners and imbibe the spirit of education and the importance of being established in life. These little minds are becoming educated and they also learn the art of successful living as they learn various kinds of art and handicraft. Treasures of Innocence mostly works for developing the confidence in these children who are otherwise very shy, timid and introvert. In a nutshell Treasures of Innocence works for the cognitive as well as mental development of the underprivileged children.

I am privileged and honoured for this opportunity where I can also be a part of this organization and do little bit for them which is just a speck of dust in the vast ocean of work done by Treasures of Innocence and thank the whole team from bottom of my heart.

– Priyanka Saha

Volunteer, Treasures of Innocence

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