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My first volunteering experience with Treasures of Innocence / Rameez Rahmani

On a lazy but beautiful Sunday afternoon in Kalighat, the light drizzle, a fantastic morning exam, the bells and chants of the temple and the scenic beauty of a rainy Kolkata it seemed just more than enough like a perfect setting of an empowering and powerful day ahead.

After an initial bout of way-asking amongst the friendly streets of Kolkata, I walked right beside the famed Temple and felt a positive energy flowing through me already as if Ma was blessing me. The drizzle became a downpour and I slowly walked to Kailash Vidyamandir right beside the flyover fully drenched. However, upon reaching there and seeing the positive ambience my mind seemed to take refuge in an enchanted Trance. Here I was disillusioned from life, but these little children were so enthusiastic despite having so little. Their innocent smiles along with their talent and thirst for knowledge gave me much inspiration for the times to come.

Dhruti, Bidisha, Disha, Preety, Rani di were taking the English class and I was supposed to take a craft session. It was mesmerizing to see so many minds working in unison trying to make a beautiful change and I felt like the most fortunate guy on earth to be a part of it.

Those little hands were raised on every question as we were teaching them pronouns. From the beginning song we shall overcome to animated slides on pronouns to little games like addressing each other without taking their name, there was an active participation on both the sides. Many of us have a stage fear but these little children were more confident than even professionals.
We went there as teachers but we felt like students instead rather we felt like their friends, their family. When my turn came for the craft class I went for the mike and slowly guided them through the steps to make a designed paper-cut kite. They were super enthusiastic though this was the last part of the session. Once it was completed, for the first time in my life I saw paintings on the kites which seemed like made by professional artists. These children were so creative and artistic that they put our talents to shame. Few of them wrote poems as well. One wrote a beautiful poem for his mother.

They were highly courteous, they held the gates open for their teachers. I was totally impressed by these little children who gave me life lessons instead. When I came out and walked home I felt like an emotionally charged individual, a teacher who was taught by his students, a team member of a motivated team. I have loved this experience. I hope you like this blog post too ;).

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