My journey with Treasures of Innocence



My journey with Treasures of Innocence began with the urgent need to do an internship as a part of my BA LLB honors course from Amity University, Haryana. However within few days I became a part of the ToIe family and working for the children here gave me immense happiness which was indeed much more than a regular internship could have given me.

Being a very shy and introvert person, it has always been very difficult for me to interact easily with unknown people and make myself comfortable in a new environment. So with this fear in my heart I moved forward to explore and experience a whole new side of my character. My elder sister suggested me to do my internship from Treasures of Innocence, a non- profit organization that worked for the betterment of underprivileged children. Soon I came in contact with the main force behind this organization, the founder, Miss Rani Bhowani, a lady who has been working tirelessly for this good cause. They made me understand how the organization works and explained to me the responsibilities which I will be given.



Underprivileged children are a very important part of the society as they too are the future of this country. So why will not they be given an equal opportunity in education? Why these children will work from a small age? They too have the right to dream and live a better life. Our little effort will help one of them fulfill their dream.

Treasures of Innocence have taught me many things which I will remember throughout my life. I have learned to interact with unknown people and deal confidently with any situation. The best thing is my shyness has almost disappeared in this short time. I have conducted many sessions with the children of ToIe and I think that was the best time of my work. The children give a meaning to life and we realize that we have come to this world not only to think about ourselves and our dreams and ambitions but for something much more deeper than that. The happiness which I received after spending time with these children is something which I have never experienced before and it cannot be penned down. Rightly did Swami Vivekananda said, “It is a privilege to serve mankind.” I am really grateful to have received this opportunity so early on in my life and this will be cherished forever.



The work environment was really homely and something which no other organization will offer. I became very close to all the members of ToIe – Susmita di, Mitali di, Mekhla di and Aditi di just to name a few. This will not be complete without mentioning Mr. D. K Bhowani, an inspiration for all of us. At this age he continues to lead the organization for the welfare of children. He maintains discipline and assigns works to everyone. With constant support he has been helping her daughter Rani Bhowani from her initial days of ToIe to the present time. Last but not the least is Mrs. Debanjana Roy, who is  supporting ToIe from abroad also for these underprivileged children. She has helped me a lot to understand my duties and execute them properly.

Rani Ma’am, a role model for this young generation. A woman who left her corporate job and dedicated her life for those who need  her and for the betterment of our society. A lady with a heart filled with love and affection for the needy. She works day and night just to bring a smile on the faces of the children whom she calls her own, to improve their life and to make them self independent so that they can lead a better life in future. A life dedicated to others is a rare one and so she will continue to amaze and inspire me.



It was a memorable opportunity   and an absolute honor to work with ToIe. I wish Treasures of Innocence reach out to more children from all over India in future. My support will be there forever as I have committed. The tireless efforts of all the members here to fulfill a single vision will always inspire and encourage me throughout my life. Thank you everyone for helping me during my tenure.



Intern / Law 1st year Student / Amity University

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