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My name is Niharika Chatterjee, currently pursuing Master’s in Social Welfare from Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM).

I worked on the field of Child education and TLM development. TLM basically stands for Teaching and Learning Materials. Under TLM, I had the opportunity to design activity books for the children. One of the prior segments of children’s development is problem solving skill. Children need to acquire problem solving skills in order to thrive in any setting. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through activities books that help them develop these types of skills.

The Activity book serves as a vital tool for this purpose. The various activities incorporated in this book is entirely for the children to grasp different concepts more vividly, adding into both creativity and knowledge.  This particular Activity book will further help in improving concentration, Hand-Eye Coordination, sense of personal accomplishment, improved comprehension skills. Not only does it serve as a boredom buster without technology, but also adds up to the knowledge bucket of kids. Different set of activities tend to provide different benefits. It provides an interactive content so as to the children can respond with full attention. The best part is that they keep the kids engaged allowing the parents to relax for a while. Activity book has been an excellent way to keep kids engaged for a long time. Filled with puzzles, mazes, math quizzes, colouring quests and many more activities, this book is a favourite for all the right reasons. When kids are faced with a brainteaser, they push themselves to solve it, and that’s what opens up their minds to creative thinking. This activity book does just that for kids and is filled with brainteasers across categories which, in turn, help kids enhance their skills of critical thinking, problem solving and overcoming challenges.

Let’s just say that, while getting involved in the process of creating different activities for children, I have learnt 2 major things, they are- number 1-Time management and number 2- Stress management. These two things have subconsciously motivated me to keep on improvising my work., and my enthusiasm to make the work a bit better. I came across some amazing people here, and got to know about their work, mechanism that has made me even more curious to know about the rest of the sphere. Most importantly in conclusion I would just like to mention that, I didn’t find my internship monotonous and boring. We always had something or the other to challenge and that kept every one of us going.

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