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Mekhala Banerjee

Alumnus of Jadavpur University & an active member of ToI . It's been such an amazing journey of more than 3 years with ToI. 

Arnab Sarkar

I got to know about Treasures of Innocence, after my management entrance exam. I had no idea about the nitty-gritty of an NGO, hence, thought to have some hands-on experience on something which is not my forte. With this intention, I landed here. It feels really good to be a part of their support team and indirectly contribute to society.

Shreya Singha

From childhood I am a helpful and kind like a girl. I pursue Ami education in another field but my fortune takes me in TOI. And I am very grateful that I am a part of it. I love to work here.

Sucheta Chakraborty

When I was in my 10 th standard I was first introduced to the sphere of social services. The joy it gave me was inexplicable. I never thought I would get the privilege again in my life. I heard about TOI from one of my maternal aunt. When I joined it and was connected to the field work , I came to know there is so much more into it, it's not just merely extending help to the underprivileged children, it's more like connecting with them, connecting with their family, connecting with their day to day activities and in return exploring so much of talent among them which has so much of promising probabilities in future. Loved every inch of work with TOI.

Manaswita Das

I volunteered in TOI in their e-dristikone programme. I am a MSW student from IISWBM Kolkata. I came to know about this organization from our college event, the founder of TOI was present there as a guest.  I joined here to enhance my experience as a volunteer. I am very happy and grateful to work hear as a team member.

Mahua Poddar

From my parents and my teachers I have learnt to help those who r weak,less privileged and needy.Treasures Of Innocence has given me the opportunity to serve the less privileged students of our society.My passion for teaching the children has come true by teaching and helping these children to develop their skills in English and Maths.I feel I am lucky to be here with my childhood friend Rani and other volunteers.

Golak Debnath

I have chosen social work as my professional life cause i am very passionate on it. i have came here three years ago as an Intern  and till continuing to work with them. TOI is working with vulnerable children in the challenging sector of the society and this is helps to enhance my potentiality. i have always followed child protection rules and regulation while i am working with them. we need smiling children in the smiling society. 

Samujjwal Banerjee

While on the lookout to contribute and give back to the society I was looking for genuine NGOs that I could associate myself with. This lead me to TOI and especially its tireless work on education of the underprivileged children. The journey has been rewarding, as expected. I am ever glad to remain associated with such a selfless noble cause of TOI.

Shreyam Das

I always believed a child has the potential of true intelligence with an eye to explore, heart to love, brain to decode and the innocence of a flower who seeks to be the flag holder of our future. With this intention, I joined TOI not to display any kindness towards our society but felt as a responsibility to help a child expand what he already has within. The experience of working here can’t be expressed in words but only can be experienced as their joyful faces makes you forget who you are and when did you become a child . I would certainly recommend this to someone who is working towards the same goal or has something to contribute towards your society.

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