One of the biggest shortcomings of the existing teaching methodology is that it puts more emphasis on learning of received knowledge. While this could be a possible starting point, but the gap remains in the ability of the children in not learning by rote but being able to use the received knowledge to think creatively about the issues and problems in their immediate surrounds and think through possible solutions. While every solution might not be implementable, what is emphasized is to put in every child a process and the requisite confidence to imbibe the Think-Ideate-Act-Lead continuum. TOI is aimed at pugging those holes which the present school set up cannot look into.

Less Than Half (47%) of Class V Students Can Read Class II Text.


Given that learning in schools is a one-way process of teacher lecturing and students being passive listeners, the inherent ability in each child to think and create gets rusted. Existing teaching methodology in schools do not provide for activities linked to the curriculum which challenge and provide a stimulus for the child.


We, at Treasure of Innocence, realise the need to empower students by catering to their multiple intelligences by designing a pedagogic system based on understanding and application and not recall.


Our skill-based creative learning processes like quiz and debate training program, story telling-writing, role play, art, music, personality development, IT, engage our beneficiary children, hailing from socio-economic marginalized background to reiterate their critical thinking and creativity. We, at ToI, are committed to making an impact on young lives.


Here are the glimpses of our different initiatives to make the marginalized to become self-reliant in the future.

Catch Them Young:

The Catch Them Young program assessed knowledge level, skills enhancement training, creativity-based learning and overall grooming of the students coming from challenged background.

The main objective of the program is to discover and nurture the hidden talents and build confidence in the children. The program gives them broader exposure and to boost their confidence level, a feeling of pride, a realisation of ‘I Can’!


Catch Them YOUNG


We intend to teach, the art of learning through fun, games, and creativity. We intend to plug the holes of school learning of memorizing and vomiting in exams. We do not ask children only to memorize the lessons, instead, we ask them to write their own books through our programs too. We do not say them only to read the published stories, instead, we say and work with them to have their own stories published. We try to make learning a fun-filled, enjoying and creative process.

1. Language-Skill Development:


2. Children’s Book Library:

Reading Corner

3. Story- writing:

My Book My World

4. Scholarship Program:

Scholarship Program


A healthy lifestyle not only changes our body but it changes our mind, attitude and mood. Understanding this need we organise cleanliness drive in school, health awareness program, heal camp etc.


Health Care


We try to educate children and youth groups through age-appropriate awareness programs on personal safety, environmental protection knowledge and its protection, health and hygiene, clean water, sexual awareness. We try to empower them to etc.



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