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Catch Them YOUNG

The program aims to bridge the gap between students from different strata of society by creating a level equalizer ground where minds will meet and talents and ideas will blossom. The success of the program hinges upon the collaboration from the participating schools.

The program will be conducted in 2 levels:
Level 1: Individual school level (10 schools) | Quiz Program + Folk &Traditional Art
Level 2: Inter school level | Inter School Competition + Art Exhibition *

*Mega Level is possible only if we can arrange for funding and sponsorship. It will be organized based on the convenient date from the schools considering students’ exams and other important activities.

Catch them young 2017-18

Objective of the Program:

– Identify the talents and creating Talent Pool
– Tracking and analyzing the information base for future skill development of the select group
– Connecting and bringing children from different backgrounds under common IQ/EQ platform
– Extending the boundary of cognizance
– Boosting the confidence factor – I Can!
– Rousing awareness on social responsibility
– Understanding the Fun & Application side of knowledge

Plan of Action:

  • Level 1
    • Quiz + Art Exhibition + Folk & Traditional Art Training, Start in June 2016, Duration= 7 months
  • Level 2
    • Interschool Competition & Mega Art Exhibition, in 16-17 Financial year, Duration=1 Day

Expected Outcomes:


The program will provide a common platform to assess knowledge and intelligence of students from class V-VIII. It will help them to showcase their talents. Along with quiz and knowledge assessment in the basic subjects of study, their problem solving skills will be analyzed. They will be motivated to come out from their constraining environment and get connected to the bigger world. They will learn about different places in the world, their geographical location, people, culture, language, economy and specific folk/traditional art forms. They will understand that not only regular school study is important but also knowledge about the world is important. Their talents in art work can create miracle! In future it could be their means of livelihood. EVERY TALENT IS VALUABLE IN LIFE.

Children will be assessed based on their knowledge in the subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, General Knowledge and General Intelligence; they will understand about new question format and get ready for different competitive exams. They will get a platform to present their talents and skills in presenting different art forms to the bigger audience. Through this initiative we try to develop key skills like creativity, confidence, analytical and problem solving skill, team work, innovation, presentation skill. Students will get scope to exchange thought with their friends and create something new to feel proud of. It’s a joyful learning experience for them to learn new and try new.

The aim is to maintain a database of the students from different educational institutions and their knowledge level along with identification of students with strong potentialities and track their progress and capabilities.

Sustainability and future action:

The quintessential essence of our initiative is to identify young talents with potentialities and equip them with skill sets to get ready for competitive exams, they are being assessed based on their knowledge level. The children with strong potentialities will be supported in all possible ways and means. Through folk and traditional art sessions children will understand about the ordinary people with extra ordinary talents. How creative minds can make a difference to the world, it will encourage them to be more creative and they will understand that such art work can be their livelihood for future sustenance.

Our initiative will help the children develop some key attributes which will eventually give them an edge over their peers. The main motto behind this thought is “sharing is caring. Since knowledge sharing is highly encouraged we expect the students to impart some of the quality to his / her classmates and receiving some in return as well. We hope there will be an intermingling of talents from various backgrounds which eventually may lead to a collective improvement in the children’s thought process. In that fashion the initiative will trend towards self-sustainability. We believe in collective participation, experience sharing and group effort and anticipate the involvement of more NGOS’s and organizations which are working in this area or are interested to contribute.