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Health Camp

The healthier the children of our locality the healthier they will be nationally and ultimately bring out a healthy generation globally. Hence the health camps were our first step towards acting locally in Bengal and thinking globally. After a successful health camp in Kasba Modern Institution For Girls, we climbed the next step by reaching out to Bidyadharpur High School For Girls after four months of the first camp mentioned, which began at March in the year 2018. Oral hygiene was the key factor in their check-ups as the mouth itself is the most important part where we take in meals, hence the Dental check-ups were provided to the children of the school and those residing in Children’s Home, children were made aware of the do’s and don’ts. Apart from this, Eye check-ups were also held in the two camps at the schools. Community-minded people and organization collaborated in the health camp process, big names like Cognizant (Outreach Team) and Rotary Club of Calcutta Renaissance, Sushrut. Both the health camp programs increased awareness among students and we are planning to do more such camps in other schools in the near future. Such health camps enhance overall health, improve academic performance, establish healthy habits.



We distributed HEALTH KITS among students. It contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair oil, body soap, comb and sanitary napkins for girls. These will insist the students to grow healthy habits. We try to make the girl child aware of menstrual hygiene and myth about this.


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