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Once I thought I’d like to be//a blossom on a tree//White & pink and lazy as can be,//But I’d be king just in the spring!//So now I think it over//Gee I am glad I am no one but me.

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts!”


Truly said by Dalai Lama, and to educate the young minds we have to enlighten their imagination power. A thought when spoken in own mother tongue gets the best shape; one can express their feelings into.

Our young generation is so full of ideas and imaginations. But, most often they don’t get a chance to explore their talents. The barriers can be many, it can be lack of scope, lack of encouragement or sometimes lack of language. The chance to express own thoughts in own mother tongue is such a blessing.


Treasure of Innocence is giving the underprivileged young minds a very new and exciting scope to showcase their imaginative powers in various ways in their own vernaculars.


Our main agenda is to develop Language skills among underprivileged students. There are children who are 1st generation learner of their families who most often can’t express their ideas due to lack of a platform. So, ToI is volunteering to make students able to do storytelling, story writing in their own mother tongue in groups. Thus, they will also learn the supreme virtue of a team work. They will thus be able to learn different folk tales of different countries, a value of culture will develop in them which will definitely shape their lives in future in a better way.


The Program

ToI’s journey to discover the hidden me in every child led it on to roads less traveled. Every child paints their own fairyland in their mind but lacks the proper art of expression to bring out the fantasies for the whole world to share & enjoy. The language barrier creates a world of high walls all around and the child is lonely and misunderstood. Dejected World of Fairies Pine Away to an Untimely Death. Does a child become a man before his time and his Land of Far Beyond? remains undiscovered. ToI with a hope in their heart and a thought in their head starts the My Friend Gabble,  the Language Training Programme.

This is an Interactive Language Skill Development Programme. It aims to bring the solution to the challenges faced by little children in reading, writing, speaking and listening language. This is a journey to help children future ready.


How Can You Help?

As the world of the child makes itself heard through their paintings & their writings, the child within learns the fine art of expression & communication in language which the world will understand. ToI stands committed to help a child learn & discover the world and in the process, the world also learns the wonderful world of the child through proper interaction. Does every child discover the ‘me’ within & the world gets a chance to see the same? ToI’s journey of discovery continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We believe in making a better world for these not so fortunate children where they will know the good values of culture, behaviour and overall education.

“In the end,

Only kindness matters!”

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