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My Book My World 3-min

Building bridges between our divisions // I reach out for you, won’t you reach out for me? // With all of our voices and all of our visions // Friends, we can make such sweet harmony

The Program

Children are the leaders of the future world. The failures of this generation are the opportunities for the next generation. Every child deserves this opportunity to express themselves, to try and prove themselves, to tell the nation their story, to make tomorrow a history. But this society rarely stops and listen them. Specially, if these children are from so called under-privileged section, it almost never happens.


My Book My World is such a collection of children’s books written by the children for the children. It is an initiative to give those unnoticed and unheard kids their deserved attention to show the world what they are capable of. Along with various short stories the books are beautifully illustrated and colored by children of 4 to 16 years.


Through this program we encourage children to open up their minds. Their imaginations are set free, they start sharing their experiences and start imagining. All the bits and pieces coming out from different children finally tied up to make great stories. Children are taught to express their minds through the creative power of words, art and action. With colourful illustrations they give life to their imaginations. A sheet once white and empty suddenly turns colourful. A life once unnoticed, suddenly finds excitement and hope. They start to DREAM BIG.


The stories are coming out from the lives of the children. The books will take the little readers off on various experiences, adventures and interesting moments of life. Children are excited to create their own story books, an action that will make them be proud of. They are happy to create the most beautiful book for their little friends staying in some remote corner of the earth.

Although stories are primarily told for enjoyment they also have both educational and language learning values. Stories help children relate to new ideas and to link them to things they already know. Stories help children develop their thinking skills, share their experiences, look at real life from different points of view and use their imagination.


Language learning is also important and these stories will be presented in English/Hindi or Bengali thus following bi-lingual strategies, so important in acquiring a second language. The quartet of language learning speaking, listening, reading, writing is the score that gives the manuscript for story writing. All of these strands can be found in the approach used by Treasures of Innocence which encouraged the children to write their stories.

We are thankful to Margaret Waterworth for her strong support and guidance for making this initiative successful. We are thankful Pradipta Kanungo for believing into our cause and thanks to Blooming Dale for publishing the books.
Thanks to Lesley Atkins for her appreciation and love for the cause and inspiring the children through her sweet notes. Thanks to all the organisations and the children participated in the initiative.

Inspiring words from respected Sister Cyril encouraged all of us to do more for these children.
Cross curriculum links also emerge during story writing sessions which include Art for the wonderful illustrations done by the children themselves, History and Social Science. Story telling and writing stories is vital to a child’s development because it leads to the enhancement of thinking skills not available anywhere else in the syllabuses and curriculum of India. We found that all children can be writers even if they have special needs or delayed intellectual development. These stories are a must for children who don’t normally have easy access to illustrated books, or the joy of writing for writing’s sake, exploring new ideas and reaching out to a new audience of READERS!

Margaret Waterworth. Educational Consultant. North Yorkshire, UK


It awakens our senses in a beautiful, interwoven tale of nature, our imaginations and longing for our home. There is a lovely twist at the end which is both satisfying and, in some way, redeeming for the reader.

A beautiful tale: modern, yet rooted in the tradition of storytelling worldwide.

Lesley Atkins, International Education Consultant, Adviser to International Dimensions



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