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Sponsor a Child

Treasures of Innocence aims at enabling socially and economically marginalized children to become self reliant. We provide pedagogic and extracurricular support for children to help them become better thinking individuals.

We came up with the Sponsor a Child Program to further implement several objectives. In this initiative we intend to get individual sponsors for potential children in their formative years. By sponsoring a child for the minimum amount of Rs 1200, you can change a child’s life.

  • We want to provide these children with a holistic education, one that can complement their school education.
  • We strive for joyful learning by providing them necessary material support for their syllabus education, like books, stationery, learning materials, art and craft supplies.
  • Once we evaluate the children’s interests and talents, we can give them necessary skill enhancement courses with adequate career counselling, that includes life skill training.
  • We will have periodic mentoring and regular counselling sessions for their robust mental health.
  • We will also provide nutritional supplements from time to time.
  • To cope with these changing times, we strive to provide them training in Digital Learning.
  • Finally, we want to provide them with medical support and necessary health kit to support their physical well-being.

When we support and guide these gifted children in their formative years, we make a huge difference in their lives. They are encouraged and motivated to break the cycle of poverty and achieve mental and financial stability. Many children in the slums have immense potential; however, their progress is hindered by social and financial constraints.

*Donations made to our charity will be qualified for 80G income tax exemption.

A sneak-peek at our budding nursery of talents!

NAME: Tarun (Name Changed)   

AGE: 12 Years      CLASS:5

PROFILE SUMMARY: Originally from Medinipur, he now lives in a house that has its kitchen laying out in open. However, the sudden closure of schools did not deter his zeal for pursuing his education. His favourite subjects are Mathematics, Bengali and Life Science.That aside, the first thing that you will notice about him is his love for gardening.

His eyes sparkle with excitement and pride when he shows us his loved Broad Beans (Sheem) tree. He will even pluck out a nugget of fresh turmeric and showcase its strong and enticingly organic smell.

He has very realistic aspiration as opposed to most children his age. When he grows up, he wants to diligently do any government job he gets that can make him financially independent. Once he has saved up enough, he wants to start his own small business. He is an extrovert and gets along quite well with peers and elders. He is also quite courageous and helpful. He needs a bit of training in Spoken English and Problem-Solving aptitude.  This, and a bit of encouragement to his love for nature, will chisel him into a fine personality in life.

Bhuban Profile Summary

NAME: Bhuban (Name Changed)


PROFILE SUMMARY: Bhuban has a keen interest in his education and did not want to stop when his school closed so he joined a coaching class, where he goes five days a week, just like Tarun. Bhuban’s favourite subjects are Mathematics and English. He likes the science subjects but needs a bit of help in History and Geography.He dreams of being a caring

and friendly Mathematics teacher when he grows up. However, more than studies, he is excellent in Art. He paints beautiful sceneries, moulds exquisitely detailed clay sculptures and expertly carves out toy cars out of wooden sticks and cardboards; as patiently as a Master Artisan.

He is usually calm but doesn’t get stressed much and can handle multiple tasks. He is creative and has a good sense of judgement. He is also quite responsible for his age and always completes his homework on time. However, he needs guidance in terms of building his confidence and brushing his soft skills to overcome the remaining obstacles in life.

 Neha Profile Summary

NAME: Neha (Name Changed)

AGE: 12 CLASS: 6

PROFILE SUMMARY: A bouncy personality contained within her thin frame; Neha’s energy is self-evident. Although she lives in a house that won’t survive another Amphan, she remains undeterred in her desire from becoming a detective in CID, to play her part in solving

crimes.Her favourite subjects in school are Bengali and Mathematics. On being asked about her studies, she will point out the flaws in her system and her desire for a change. She actively self-teaches herself quirky dance steps from the internet. She is quite lively and an extrovert, with a strong sense of judgement. However, she needs a more structured guidance in terms of accentuating her concentration levels and channelizing her energy in honing the soft skill.

Your contribution will help these growing children immensely! Join us and help us to improve their chances at becoming the Leaders of tomorrow.


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