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There are many schools in our city which do not have access to libraries due to which children miss out on the exposure that reading brings. Treasures of Innocence have taken the initiative to ignite these beautiful minds with varieties of books. Our motive is to provide them the pleasure of reading and the essence of a library. Their desire was to continue their tradition of setting up libraries in schools and shelter homes to encourage children to read, to dive headfirst into the world of fiction, facts and history.


On the 15th of May, to forward their initiative of educating children from challenged backgrounds, some members of Treasures of Innocence visited an open shelter for boys in ward 101 under the Amader Padakhhep Organisation.




ToI set up a library in one of their shelter homes. The boys in this shelter home come from various impoverished backgrounds and are varied ages of 6-15. While some come here routinely to spend time, others treat it as an emergency shelter- they come if there is any problem at home.



We went there at around 11 in the morning and immediately, the children came to greet us. We sat down with them in the room where we would continue the rest of our work and conversed with them. After we all introduced ourselves, they told us a little about themselves as well- their names, where they stayed, what time they wake up at in the morning and what they did before we reached there. Soon we began our work and fittingly started with a devotional dance and song to engage the children’s attention. After that, we encouraged the children to tell us stories and a little boy volunteered to relate the story of ‘The Tortoise and the Heir’. He did not just stop at that, though. He even acted it out with the help of his friends.


Then, we took out the wall hanging, the coloured papers, and the cutouts and discussed with the children on what to do, after dividing them into groups of 3. The boys took the various shapes and began drawing and cutting them out however they wanted to stick them on the wall hanging to make them look more interesting. They drew various colourful flowers, birds, balloons, ice-cream etc, with the assistance and supervision of the volunteers. The children managed to produce more than one cut out each.



We began sticking the shapes on the background, making various sceneries. After that, we gave them the books that we had brought for them. When the wall library was done with the finishing touches, we arranged the books in them with the help of the children.


As we got up to leave, we noticed that the children had already started reading the books that we got for them and hoped that they continue to be empowered by the power of reading and education.


Volunteer, Treasures of Innocence

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