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Reading Corner

The Program

To improve the creative power  of children a community based intervention Reading Corner is going on in our different program areas. Along with working inside schools ToI team engage people from different sector in building awareness on importance of reading books and collecting books from regular schools, corporate and individuals. Children groups have been created in the schools to focus on developing an environment where children are able to learn and become thinking individual. The volunteers from different educational institutions, universities, corporate houses take active role in shaping up of these libraries and help children to learn on their own.

Our library program helps children to enhance their constructive powers by making them think beyond course books. It also provides them with relief from daily chores of study. At times when assignments seem boring , they could be made interesting by joyful learning?.


Inculcate in the children the habit of reading.
Improve the reading and writing skill of the children.
Further the knowledge beyond schoolbook and better understanding of course work.
Expand the ability to concentrate and create.
Enhance power of imagination and impart creativity within them.
Impart moral values within them and help them to deal wisely with various situations in life.
The library program guides the children a better way to express themselves and blossom into responsible individuals.

From the beginning it was clear that school curriculum, with its emphasis on rote learning of a select set of subjects, is not enough to turn children into thinkers and lifelong learners. The library, with its emphasis on child-led curiosity and enquiry, was the crucial missing element in children acquiring a well-rounded education. Children become thinker who can interrogate the entire world of knowledge contained in a library.

With the support of our patrons we are operating Libraries in 11 different schools. Reading for children should go beyond their prescribed text books. The objective is to introduce children with books of all flavours and inculcate the habit of reading in them.

Children are so happy and they are excited to see so many colorful books. They want to read these books. We are really happy to see these smiling faces and hope one day these children will start writing their own stories.

How Can You Help?

Education is a right which every child should cherish and key to any positive change which could be brought in into our society. So if you wish to see a smile on our children’s faces, you can:
Make donation. Your contribution would be used in the improvement of the library program.
Donate Books. We also take old books in good condition.
Donate for Library infrastructure.
Be a Volunteer.
Contact us at