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Spreading Colours of Hope

Spreading Colours of

Hope, Happiness, Harmony & Peace

Wall Art: An initiative by Treasures of Innocence

Garia (Ward No. 110), Kolkata, West Bengal

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are!”

The word ‘harmony’ is abstract, that cannot be touched; it is felt. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has its fundamental consequences for regional and the world’s security order. It depicts nothing of peace and harmony, it is spreadinghostility.

People all across the globe are helping the natives of Ukraine to survive the war. Some are raising funds to provide food and necessities to the Ukrainians, the doctors who are at the borders 24×7, the soldiers, Indian flights that are bringing back Indian students at affordable prices, charitable food organizations, and the youths who are raising their voices over social media platforms to express their opinions. Humans are rescuing each other at such tough times.  When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

Treasures of Innocence team has taken up the inventiveness to spread peace, harmony and happiness through the realms of street wall art.

This art drive is providing a platform for creative artists, children and self-developers to emphasize creating an impact and raising their voice not by words but through creative wall art. The purpose of transition thinking is to expand our thinking and help us go deeper internally. Our theme was:


Throughout the process of painting, composition principles of harmony were kept in mind. It surrounds five principles- line and shape, size, texture, idea, and colour. This harmony is what creates a sense of unity, which we have depicted through the wall art.

Art can also nurture a peace process by providing a voice to marginalised groups. The ongoing war has immense effects on mankind. We have tried to call out for peace.

War can never be a lasting solution to any problem.

The drive develops empathy through art and imparts leadership skills so children can co-create a peaceful future for their communities.

We have also included the colours of happiness- Blue, Red and Yellow. The psychology of colour isn’t a paradigm created by interior designers, it’s been shown that certain colours evoke certain feelings. Moreover, we have a sunflower with bright yellow colour and within the center, we have covered the symbol of peace (☮). We tried to portray that where there is happiness, there is peace within. Peace and harmony make society and nation a better place to live in, it helps us to embrace diversity and support one another. But war and hatred kill and disable the very people who must carry it out. “If we don’t end war, then the war will end us.” Because wars don’t bring lasting peace, it brings lasting death. So, let’s embrace peace and harmony. Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with love, peace, harmony and happiness.

This event has not only put colours on the street walls but also has shed colours of joy and happiness within the children and the representatives of the ToI team for their hard work and initiative.

In that spirit, here’s some feedback from the little ones, the children of Treasures of Innocence.

Sincere appreciation to the entireToI team, volunteers, supporters, authority-in-charge (Garia). Special mention to the secretary of the apartment for allowing us to paint their boundary wall. Without all of our supporters and donors this drive would not have been possible, and special thanks to the children from the local slum area in Garia, Kolkata and their parents for joining this event and initiative to contribute positively. They are truly our idols, each and every one! We could not have done the amazing artwork without their active participation and support.

“Sometimes the simplest things mean the most.”

THANK YOU everyone for the great time and the great memories.

Warmest thanks

Team Treasures of Innocence

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