Anindita Dey

This journey with ToI has enriched me as a human being in so many ways. The main objective of ToI is to nourish the creativity and the imagination power within children so that they can think independently, think out of the box and most importantly can dream on their own. With this aim ToI intends to impart reading habit within the children because ‘reading books is like dreaming with eyes wide open'. To do so, we make libraries in different schools where the children from not-so-privileged background don't get the chance to reach books that are out of their syllabus. We provide books of different flavours to indulge children into the joy of reading. We do realise that this is not enough, but we also know that it is only the start of a long ride towards a big dream...a dream where every kid can read and can dream with their eyes open.

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Treasures of Innocence