I always want to work for less privileged children but it is never materialized with my limited capacity. In search of such an NGO I met miss Rani Bhawani, founder of Treasures Of Innocence (TOI) in 2016 and became aware of the organization. I feel my searching is at an end. I became a member. TOI sincerely works for skill development of children from challenging backgrounds. They try to empower young minds through creativity-based education and providing sustainable development to less privileged children. They make them aware about health and hygiene also. They always try to explore various ways to bring out the real potential of children in creativity and education. They apply the method of story-telling, group activities, quiz-competition and teaching folk arts of different countries. Such activities enhance their creativity and self-confidence in various fields. Children are becoming extrovert gradually.

TOI works based on Swamiji’s word “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man.” Throughout my short journey with TOI I also find my potentiality to do various works like teaching, making crafts, designing graphics etc. Thanks Ranidi to give me such opportunity to join Treasures Of Innocence.

Treasures of Innocence