Mayukh Basak

Having studied in English medium schools and getting the opportunity to pursue whatever career I wanted . I, didn't have much idea about how things on the other end of the spectrum looked like but , after joining TOI , I found out more about the hardships children from not so privileged backgrounds have to face and even more about what can be done to mitigate there hardships . Treasures Of Innocence has been doing a praiseworthy job at giving those who can't afford to get enrolled into premier institutions , a quality of education at par with those institutions . The teachers give their heart and soul into making the children learn the basics and clear their doubts . I , myself being a student of Economics from Jadavpur University, have a liking towards teaching the children maths and preparing them for the future. In a nutshell , Treasures Of Innocence has made me realise how privileged I am and ,what should I do to help the under-privileged in so that , they can get equal opportunities.

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Treasures of Innocence