Subho Mukhopadhyay

Dept. of Geological Sciences, Under Graduate

As a small boy in primary school, teaching myself was the game I enjoyed the most.Then, I would act as my own teacher and would teach myself.It used to give me great joy, it made me take belief in myself and it helped me grow to whatever I am now in the present days.Yes- I myself am a private tutor-maybe that has a different cause but I take great interest in assisting children to learn new things. Its not something I have to do but something I want to do ever since I have been a small boy-now that I have this great opportunity by courtesy of our very dear Rani di it makes me feel blessed to be someone who can help these small helpless children to seek out their path of life, to know this unknown world outside, to come across new things, to learn different languages,to recognize their own skills,to go ahead and set great examples before their future generation! It would be really inappropriate for me to designate myself as a teacher to The Treasures of Innocence-rather I would act as a person who is always ready to help these little stars shine brighter in their lives, who is always at the humble service of this group.

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Treasures of Innocence