Tannishtha Das

Imagine a world where the word ‘service’ becomes so literal that the working or underprivileged class vanishes off and you and I have to grow our own food and clean our own houses. Yes, quite a nightmare, but not an improbable future in all honesty.  To make even the simplest efforts in bridging the gap of growing poverty in India is the bare minimum we all can do for our own sake in sustainability of a healthy environment. Treasures of Innocence and their entire team creates a beautiful opportunity for students like me from the privileged and elite sections of the society to understand life on the other side, to learn to communicate where wealth and privilege fails and to gain understanding of our privilege and help those in dire need.
Every work that we are given at Treasures of Innocence contributes to help someone who needs it more than I can calculate and to create an environment where we all come together as a team to make something that helps and educates on both sides.
Lending a hand to help and learn is the least we can do to make our lives and the world around us a better place.

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Treasures of Innocence