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Vision & Mission


To empower young minds with knowledge and tools to become original thinkers and equip them to define own destiny to live with courage, curiosity, confidence and creativity.



  • Sustainable development of less privileged children to improve quality of life through education, empowerment, information and awareness.
  • To promote creative learning methodologies amongst children thereby enabling them to attain their academic, social, emotional and physical potential.


  • To rekindle the creative minds through integrated overall growth and education for children especially those who are less privileged.
  • To assist children in their education and overall physical and psychological growth through different value based programmes.
  • To provide a platform to express their creativity without constrains.
  • To focus in bringing out a socioeconomic transformation in a child’s life by preparing as an educated adult with tools and skill sets to be able to earn a decent living in future.
  • A scope for the children to be able to face the world with courage and take the responsibility of own selves and of others.