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Internship experience of Bodhisatva Sengupta

Treasures of Innocence has helped me to make a mark in the most sustainable way for society as a whole. During my internship, I had the privilege to work for slum children. Under the supervision of Rani Ma’am in every step, the workload seemed very connected to me as the mission directed towards hope for change. ToI works for their children and is always on the run to bring up new ideas to engage them, benefitting them, and help them. ToI has enriched me regarding the socio-economic condition of the slum children and has helped me to explore my field area which is HR. From relief operations, creating awareness & thinking about specific local needs, taking care of physical and mental wellbeing of slum children through online activity and tele-counseling, giving them chance to beat boredom and advent newer ways to unlearn and learn with their new venture FRIENDSHIP BOAT, I participated in every possible sector.


So, in a nutshell, ToI has made me realize how privileged I am and what should I do to help the underprivileged class of society so that they can get equal opportunities. The internship was amazing and I still talk it about frequently at work and with friends.  It challenged me in so many ways.  I found myself participating in activities. I am thrilled that I was given the opportunity and made it happen.  I always recommend internships to anyone who is looking to change my career or study.  Doing an internship was one of the best decisions I have made, both professionally and personally, and is an experience that I will cherish and value forever.

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