Internship Experience of Adrijja Saha



I am Adrijja Saha, currently pursuing Media Science from The Heritage Academy. I did my internship at Treasures of Innocence in the months of June and July. Due to covid situation I was not able to visit the organisation and all the communications were done virtually, yet, I didn’t feel disconnected with the organisation for even a second. I was immensely awestruck and amazed to see how the organization relentlessly tried to reach out to the underprivileged children, helped them with their education and to stay healthy mentally as well as physically. Not only the underprivileged children but Treasures of Innocence also reached out to the people who were in need of basic amenities due to the disastrous cyclone Amphan and provided them with reliefs. The work culture in this organisation is very good and one thing that I learned the best is time management. At the very beginning it was difficult for me to cope with the speed and the amount of work load but with time it became fun and eventually, I started enjoying it. I would like to express my gratitude to Rani ma’am and Mekhla ma’am for constantly guiding and correcting me.

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