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I had been associated with ToI as a part of my Summer Internship Programme arranged by my college IISWBM .  My journey with Treasures of Innocence has been overwhelming. It has shown me the reality of the less-privileged children, their misery, their unfortunate predicament and also unfolded before me their innocent yet resilient fortitude to fight against all odds. While dealing with case studies on children, being part of the making of their report, I came across stories of their innocent efforts and success in overcoming their inhibitions and insecurities, diligently and professionally assisted by the facilitators at ToI. I have gained a lot of perspective and also understood how important it is to bring these children to light and help them hone their individual skills, as they are very capable of becoming equally self-reliant and self-confident adults as any of those children from a privileged background.

In each children lies a genius, be it in any field, and the members of ToI makes sure to bring to surface the potential of individual children through different activities carried out as a part of its different programmes and projects. The positive impact that ToI makes on a section of society with under-privileged children coming from slums, orphanages and childcare homes, in Kolkata and its suburbs, is worth appreciation and it feels great to see that each member continuously works towards the betterment of their endeavour to make a significant impact on this part of society. Iā€™m grateful to be a part of their work on this noble cause of uplifting the lives of these children.

ToI is an organization who have awed me in their tireless working structure that assures a holistic growth in the children, marks their safety and security and thus giving them a better future. I am very grateful to be able to work with team ToI and be closely associated to it as a summer intern. Everything learnt here will surely be of immense help in future in my work field and each moment spent associating with team ToI will be cherished and remembered with a grin.

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