Internship Experience of Shree Chakraborty



When one joins an NGO as an intern, the candidate mainly has this in mind that he or she will be fulfilling their roles as a community personnel, ToI have completely disrupted that belief in me. Interning at Treasures of Innocence is not merely a social responsibility but helped me dig various skills. As a virtual summer intern at ToI, it exposed me to such diverse works from managing community to be technologically sound.  Considering the current havoc, we are in right now, alongside with creating awareness for children and their family, this internship helped me gain knowledge in things which are so common yet easily ignored. Supervised by Rani ma’am in every step, the workload seemed very connected to my goal as the mission directed towards a hope for change. ToI works for their children and is always on the run to bring up new ideas in engaging them, benefitting them and help them learn to be proud and responsible. From relief operations; creating awareness measures specific to local needs, to taking care of their physical and mental wellbeing through online activity sheets and tele counselling; giving them chance to beat boredom and advent newer ways to unlearn and learn with the friendship boat, ToI has been working really hard to create a strong virtual ground for their children and it gave young individuals like us the chance to hone our skills and ideas to be more humane and see beyond our own world. The whole team at ToI emphasizes on creating a strong bond within our own colleagues to make us feel together and connected to the one cause we are all working for. This internship experience will always be special and unique to me as it brought me closer to my field of study (MSW) by giving me a clearer sight to the vulnerabilities faced and the role privileged human can play in creating a conscious society.

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