My 1 month journey with Treasures of Innocence



I am Disha Das, a student of BSW (Bachelor in Social Work). I am in the 6th semester of VSSW (Vidyasagar School of Social Work). I have been doing my Internship with Treasures of Innocence (ToI) from 5th April’2021 till 30th April’2021.


It has been a short but inspiring journey with ToI. I have got many opportunities to groom myself and implement my knowledge in practical fields during this journey. Yes, it is true that during this brief journey, I had to face many problems such as difficulties in transportation facilities due to the pandemic situation, in communicating with the beneficiaries, i.e. the underprivileged children, etc. But I have worked with other NGOs earlier and faced many challenges there too. And that is quite normal. Every social worker has to face different challenges and learn to overcome adversities. I have also learned these things under the supervision of Rani Bhowani Madam at ToI. She helped us a lot in our projects and assignments, guided us in every single moment with her valuable advice. I have learned to arrange a campaign for a cause, got opportunities to develop my skills in content writing, teaching children of different ages, fieldwork, etc. Altogether, it has been a positive journey for me, working with ToI and its members, along with my fellow interns. I am thankful to ToI for giving me such an opportunity to learn, perform and develop myself.


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