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I am Sukanya Mukherjee, currently pursuing MSW (Master of Social Welfare) from IISWBM (Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management). I have done my summer internship at Treasures of Innocence arranged by my college in the month of May, June, and July. My journey with Treasures of Innocence has been overwhelming and yet fruitful. I would like to express my gratitude to Rani ma’am for helping me with her suggestions and guidance.

Working at Treasures of Innocence & being a part of making their report was an enriching experience, and I was able to show my capabilities and knowledge towards the assigned work. I gained a lot of perspectives and also understood that how important it is to raise the children and hone their individual skills. I also learned how to manage time even in a critical situation. I have gathered a lot of knowledge about Treasures of Innocence as well as other organizations, & came across stories of their efforts and success in overcoming.

In the beginning, it was quite difficult for me to cope up with the speed and time management and my knowledge was a bit poor about the professional field but with time all the problems turn into achievements. Interning at Treasures of Innocence is not entirely a social responsibility but helped me spade various skills. Along with creating mental health awareness for children, this internship helped me gain knowledge in things that are so common yet easily ignored. ToI works for their children and is always on the run to bring up new ideas in engaging with them and helping them learn to be responsible. While making posters and designing the Snake and Ladder educational board game, I came across stories of the children’s efforts and success in overcoming their self-consciousness and insecurities. The children are always attentively and professionally assisted by the facilitators at ToI. I have also worked with their children over the phone calls to understand their mental health during this lockdown due to the pandemic. It was an amazing experience to work with them and I also came to know that in each child lies a genius.

TOI is a which has taught me a lot of things through this summer internship. The work culture in this organization is very good and I learned a lot about time management. I am expressing my gratitude to Rani ma’am for constantly guiding and correcting me. I hope everything I have learned here will surely help me in the future. I’m grateful to have been a part of the organization and contributed to their noble cause.

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