Responsibilities of NGOs in post calamity period


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Non-Governmental Organisations enable citizens to work together voluntarily to promote social values and civic goals, which are important to them. They promote local initiative and problem solving through their work in a broad array of fields – environment, health, poverty alleviation, culture & the arts, education, etc. NGOs reflect the diversity of society itself. They also help the society by empowering citizens and promoting change at the “grass roots”. 

There are 93510 NGOs (including Voluntary Organisations) in PAN India & 7095 enrolled NGOs (including Voluntary Organisations) in West Benagl (source ; Dated 18-06-2020). In a State like West Bengal, with differences between individual districts and regions, NGOs are characterized by a rich diversity of approaches, traditions, and activities rendering the task of generalization difficult, if not impossible. They cover most areas of the State and their activities affect a significant proportion of the population living in poverty.


Now, let’s dive into the discussion of the dedication of NGOs in the post Amphan period in Bengal, with the pre-existing menace- COVID19. Literally the NGOs stuck between a rock and hard place.

Cyclone Amphan was worst cyclone in Bengal in 283 years, since the Great Bengal Cyclone of 1737 and Sundarban was the worst hit this time. As the UNESCO World Heritage stands in ruins, NGOs set up rehabilitation centres in the area and carried out extensive relief work for the tribal people, the stranded and anyone affected by Amphan. Organizations devoted their volunteers in order to provide emergency medical supplies, dry rations, tarpaulin sheets, mosquito-nets, materials for COVID-19 protection, solar lamps, education kits, sanitization kits, household items and water purifier. They also engaged in proactive rehabilitation centre and restoration of houses and logistics support. All the NGOs across and beyond the state have shown the potential of their performances, this time.


Meanwhile, Treasures of Innocence also extended their hands to distribute essential items among families of Sundarban – Kakdwip area & Gosaba area, in some relief operations with the help of their members and volunteers to sustain the stomach of the unfortunate ones in the devastating condition caused due to Amphan.

It was a tough job to reach out for those people in Sundarban area, as we were already engaged with relief distribution to the local slum children in Garia and nearby areas. The nation wise lockdown caused uncertainties and loss of jobs. The parents of those children’s were also no exception. At the same time, immunity boosting was the bare minimum initiative to be taken to combat the virus SARS-COV-2. So, in such a difficult time we stand beside them and distributed Masoor Dal, Potato, Soybean, Muri, Sattu, Biscuits, Cooking Oil, Turmeric powder, Cumin Seeds etc groceries.

But, most importantly, it is not about only distribution of some essential rations, it is the RADIATION OF POSITIVE VIBES that will surely impact an everlasting effect on those innocent minds. We believe there are so many benevolent people who also want to contribute for the society. But due to lack of contacts, they are unable to do that. So it’s an open invitation letter from team ‘Treasures of Innocence’ to everyone going through this article, to join and be part of us!!

Composed by: Arnab Sarkar


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